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Ceric Ammonium Nitrate Expansion For Electronics Applications

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October 30, 2013 �  Ceric Ammonium Nitrate Now Available in Large-Batch Electronics Grade; gives GFS complete product range from Commercial through Primary Standard   Columbus, Ohio — Specialty chemical manufacturer GFS Chemicals, Inc. is expanding its commitment to electronics manufacturers with a domestically produced electronics-grade Ceric Ammonium Nitrate ((NH4)2Ce(NO3)6). The chemical is now available off-the-shelf in a purity grade suitable for specialty electronic applications. “As a company, we understand the needs of electronics manufacturers,” says J. Steel Hutchinson, the third-generation owner and president of GFS Chemicals. “Product consistency, predictable and responsive delivery times, competitive prices and a secure supply chain. We can now meet those needs with an electronics-grade Ceric Ammonium Nitrate (CAN) product suitable for etching applications.” CAN is typically used to make a chrome etchant for the manufacture of electronic microcircuits. GFS now produces the chemical in both commercial and electronics grade and can produce higher purity products for customers with more stringent trace metal requirements. The new electronics-grade product is suitable for common electronic etching applications and can be used as feedstock by etchant manufacturers who want to offer a range of CAN-based etchants. “We do all of the CAN manufacturing in our Columbus, OH, production facility and have established a very stable supply chain for the raw materials,” says Hutchinson. “By controlling all of the production locally, we can produce a product with a consistency and purity that our customers can’t always find overseas. Making an electronics-grade CAN part of our standard product offering allows us to produce it in large batches to keep our prices highly competitive.” GFS Chemicals uses both overseas and domestic raw materials and does extensive testing to ensure the quality of the final product. “GFS can offer shorter lead times and a product that is highly consistent batch to batch,” says Robert Kramer, Quality and Technical Sales Manager. “We also guarantee transparency in our sourcing and operations and highly responsive customer service that is unmatched by overseas suppliers.” In addition to CAN, GFS Chemicals produces a wide range of high-purity acids and other chemicals that support the electronics industry. GFS's “Process Perfect” batch processing approach allows them to produce specialty chemicals and customized products in large quantities while maintaining a high level of consistency between batches. GFS also provides “total product lifecycle” solutions for clients who need guaranteed consistency from R&D to full production scale. The new electronics-grade CAN is available immediately for etchant manufacturers, electronics manufacturers and other industrial clients in multi-ton batch sizes. GFS also produces custom etchants to meet specific application requirements. Contact: Robert Kramer Quality and Technical Sales Manager – Inorganic Manufacturing 614-224-5345, ext. 360
The American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA) has expanded the accreditation GFS Chemicals for ISO/IEC 17025:2005 to include the testing of its’ In-Spec® line of UV/Vis spectrophotometer standards, AMCO Clear® Turbidity Standards , pH Buffers and Conductivity Standards . A2LA is dedicated to the formal recognition of competent testing and calibration laboratories, inspection bodies, proficiency testing providers, reference material producers and product certification bodies.   GFS Chemicals General Manager Chris Beasley says, “The A2LA accreditation experience has been valuable for the company. Customers benefit from a greater level of confidence in our results because of the implementation of standardized and traceable testing processes. The A2LA assessment validates and audits our technical competency for the In-Spec®, UV/Vis Validation Standards, AMCO Clear® Turbidity Standards, pH Buffers, and Conductivity Standards.” The In-Spec® product line makes UV/visible spectrophotometer validation accessible and easy for everyone.  The range of non-toxic, NIST traceable, materials includes photometric accuracy reference standards, wavelength accuracy filters, and stray light filters.  In-Spec® standards can be used as both a quality control check and to verify the operating procedure practiced by laboratory staff. This allows the lab to ensure the data collected by the UV/Vis spectrophotometer is reliable. Director of Catalog Sales, Michael McBride says, “Through continuous improvement initiatives, the organization is experiencing improvements in overall quality.    A2LA is a private, non-profit membership association, established in 1978. A2LA’s primary mission is to provide comprehensive accreditation programs. A2LA also offers programs for accreditation of testing and calibration laboratories, inspection bodies, proficiency testing providers, reference material producers and product certification bodies.   For More Information on GFS Chemicals A2LA Accreditation Contact: Michael McBride Director of Catalog Sales GFS Chemicals 614-361-1628 ISO 9001:2008 A2LA Accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2005 – Certificate Number 3336.01
ShopBot Tools Introduces the Handibot™ Smart Power Tool: The Company's First-in-Class Universal Digital Power Tool San Mateo, CA — ShopBot Tools, Inc., introduced its latest hardware innovation, the Handibot™ smart power tool, to much buzz at MAKE Magazine's Hardware Innovation Workshop. This event precedes the annual Maker Faire in San Mateo. ShopBot Founder and CEO Ted Hall, and ShopBot developers David Bryan and Bill Young were all on hand to demonstrate ShopBot's first entry in a tool category they have dubbed Universal Digital Power Tools (or “U-deeps”). The Handibot™ smart power tool is a portable, hand-held robotic power tool meant to find its place in jobsites, home DIY projects, prototyping and classroom settings as well. The Handibot tool features an App-Driven, onebutton “Start;” it can be run from a smartphone or tablet, as well as from PC's. Ted Hall explained, “The Handibot tool is both powerful and compact; it delivers precision cutting, drilling, machining, and carving. That's because full-up CNC is operating 'behind the scenes.' The Handibot tool features uncompromised basics for open development and expansion of functionality (6-axis control, I/O, power, configurability).” David Bryan added, “CNC tools are not usually thought of as job-site friendly. With the Handibot tool, we've created a platform that's easily brought to a home-building or remodeling situation.”  Dale Dougherty, the President/CEO of Maker Media, Inc., Make Magazine and Maker Faire, first saw video of a Handibot tool a few weeks ago. He commented, “This is really cool… signaling a whole new generation of smarter power tools.” Hall is excited to share that the Handibot tool is being developed in an open source software and hardware environment. “One company can't possibly come up with all the interesting job apps that can be put to work with a Handibot tool,” he notes. “We're encouraging the community to think of apps for the tool, to develop them, and get involved in building their own smart power tools.” ShopBot plans to launch a crowd funding campaign in June to support app development and place Handibot tools in the hands of early adopters. To learn more and see video, visit Handibot™ is a trademark of ShopBot Tools, Inc.   About ShopBot Tools, Inc. ( Founded in 1996, ShopBot's unique mission is to make the empowering technology of digital fabrication widely accessible and usable. ShopBot's subtractive digital fabrication tools, working across a range of sizes, deliver the power, precision and reliability of digital tools traditionally costing thousands of dollars more. With almost 7000 tools at work around the world, ShopBot Tools, Inc., is one of the largest producers of digital fabrication equipment for small-to-midsized manufacturing, DIY, and education markets. All ShopBots are designed and built in ShopBot's Durham headquarters. ShopBot supports the growing DIY/maker movement with, a free resource that enables people with ideas for custom products to connect with others using digital fabrication tools to prototype and make them. In 2008, ShopBot was named to the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest growing private companies in America and was recently named one of the top-25 North Carolina companies to watch by the Council for Entrepreneurial Development.

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